Malakhov (Ullmann): Trade Edition par Dieter Blum

October 23, 2019

Malakhov (Ullmann): Trade Edition par Dieter Blum

Titre de livre: Malakhov (Ullmann): Trade Edition

Auteur: Dieter Blum

ISBN: 3833154179

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Dieter Blum avec Malakhov (Ullmann): Trade Edition

Vladimir Malakhov - this widely acclaimed winner of numerous prizes and "dancer of the century" delights his public through the rare combination of technical brilliance and lyrical eloquence. His supple, androgynous body combines "power and purity, flash and elegance, melodrama and eye-bobbling academic precision" (New York Times) - when he leaps, gravity seems suspended. Yet he remains driven to achieve great purity in his dance. Dieter Blum has succeeded in capturing the movement of this extraordinary artist in photographs that reflect his purity and simultaneously provide a deep insight into the personality of the ensemble.

Dieter Blum began his career as a photographer at a young age. Since 1964 he has worked freelance for magazines such as Der Spiegel, Stern, Time, and Vanity fair. He became known to a wider public in particular through his images for a global advertising campaign for Marlboro cigarettes. For more than 20 years Blum has devoted his work to the themes of music, dance, and art.