Whose Body? par Dorothy L. Sayers

December 15, 2019

Whose Body? par Dorothy L. Sayers

Titre de livre: Whose Body?

Auteur: Dorothy L. Sayers

Date de sortie: August 19, 2008

Éditeur: Blackstone Audio, Inc.

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Dorothy L. Sayers avec Whose Body?

Sayers' most renowned amateur detective, the engaging and amusing Lord Peter Wimsey, sets out to unravel a puzzling case involving the disappearance of a wealthy financier and the discovery of a nude corpse, wearing a golden pince-nez, in a bathtub. He does succeed in solving things to everyone's ultimate satisfaction, but only after a series of bloodcurdling and hair-raising episodes that will hold the listener spellbound with anticipation.

Dorothy L. Sayers, long considered one of the top mystery authors of our day, has excelled herself in this delightfully macabre tale, a truly rare find for anyone interested in top-flight crime fiction.