Model Marine: A Novel (English Edition) par Sondra Sykes Meek

October 21, 2019

Model Marine: A Novel (English Edition) par Sondra Sykes Meek

Titre de livre: Model Marine: A Novel (English Edition)

Auteur: Sondra Sykes Meek

Broché: 286 pages

Date de sortie: January 13, 2018

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Sondra Sykes Meek avec Model Marine: A Novel (English Edition)

Gold Medal Winner in the Fiction - Literary category of the 2018 Readers' Favorite Book Award Contest!

Award-Winner in the Military category of the 2018 American Fiction Awards!

Finalist in the Military Fiction category of the 12th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards!

Molly Monroe had her future planned out for her. When she makes an impulsive decision to join the Marine Corps, her boyfriend breaks up with her, her brother bears the burden of guilt, and her mother feels betrayed. The people in Molly’s life have always tried to protect her, but she wants to protect herself.

As a Combat Camera Marine, Molly observes and records her environment from behind the lens, where image shapes day-to-day life. After she is wounded during a combat deployment, her dreams are frightening, and her memories are a kaleidoscope of scattered and chaotic scenes; a collision of past and present, real and unreal. Snapshots in time. Glimpses of war. Fragments of love: lost and found.

This story unfolds through multiple perspectives and as the negatives and positives develop, an image of the Model Marine is sharpened into focus.